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Short animation director / Illustrator



2005~2007   Kaywon University of Art and Design (Animation department)

2008~2011   BA (Animaiton) EMCA (Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d'Animation), Angoulême, FRANCE 

2016~2018   MA (Visual design) in Seoul National University, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


2019~           Author. '잠 못 드는 너에게' ISBN 978-89-01-23669-8 

2018~2019   Adjunct professor. Kaywon University of Art and Design (Animation department), South Korea

2018             Lecturer. Konkuk University Glocal Campus

2018             Artist Residency. <la Maison des auteurs> in Angoulême - France

2017             Artist Residency. <la Maison des auteurs> in Angoulême - France

2015~2017   Lecturer. Kaywon University of Art and Design(Animation department), South Korea

2011~2013   Artist Residency. <la Maison des auteurs> in Angoulême - France

2011~           Freelance animator 

2010. 07.      Internship. <Barley Films> in Ireland

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Piropiro (2021) 2D digital drawing / 9min 34sec  

A story of two birds. Piropiro from the forest and Dalle at the flower shop in the town.

They accidentally met in front of the flower shop, and Piropiro wants to fly together to the forest. 



Best Animation For Children award, ANIMAFEST Zagreb (Croatia)
Prix des enfants, Festival du Film Coréen à Paris (France)
Best Animation for Kids, Tofuzi International Animated Film Festival (Georgia)
Special mention award, Hsin-Yi Children's Animation Awards (Taiwan)
Children Mention/Jury Mention, Plein la Bobine (France)
Young Jury Award, Festival du Film d'Animation de Savigny (Switzerland)
Animation award, NANO Film Festival (Italy)
Best Short Animation, Best Istanbul Film Festival (Turkiye)



Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (France)
Zlín Film Festival (Czech Republic)
Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival (South Korea)
KINOSVE, International Children's Film and Television Festival (Belarus)
Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (South Korea)
Bucheon International Animation Festival (South Korea)
Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (South Korea)
Indie Anifest (South Korea)
Seoul International Senior Film Festival (South Korea)
CinemAmbiente– Environmental Film Festival (Italy)
FIIN International Nature Image Festival (Finland)
PequeFilmes. International Short Film Festival for Kids of Galicia (Spain)
International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
Seoul Eco Film Festival (South Korea)
Kids Kino International Film Festival (Poland)
Curtas Vila do Conde IFF (Portugal)
Athens International Children's Film Festival (Greece)
Cambodia international film festival (Cambodia)
Wildlife Vaasa International Nature film festival (Finland)

Le Mot (2018) 2D digital drawing / 7min 31sec  

Two people are sitting facing the table and one person starts throwing the ball at the other.



Winner of International Animation, Festival Video Babel (Peru)


AISFF (Asiana International Short Film Festival) (South Korea)

Thessaloniki Animation Festival (Greece)

Intermediaciones, video art and experimental video (Ccolombia)

Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira (Brazil)

ANDIMOTION (Bogotá International Animation Film Festival) (Colombia)

International Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart (German)

Where is my moon? (2017) 2D digital drawing / 6min 30sec  

The story of a child who can't sleep and a fish that wakes up meet, and they go on an adventure together in search of the lost moon.



Special Distinction Award, SICAF (Seoul International Cartoon Animation Festival) (South Korea)

Concours de courts métrages, Festival Atmosphères (France)

Best animation short film, Festival ENMUT (Spain) 

Best Animation Film, Barcelona Fantastic Film Festival (Spain) 

HONORABLE MENTION, Festival VideoBabel (Peru) 

The Best sound solution for an animated film, ANIMAEVKA (Belarus)

SPECIAL MENTION ANIMATION FILM, PORTO FEMME International Film Festival (Portugal)



Festival du film coréen à Paris (France)

Festival Internacional de Cine Rengo (Chile) 

Bogotá Short Film Festival(BOGOSHORTS) (Colombia)


Indie-AniFest (South Korea)

Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festaval (South Korea)

Future film festival (Italy)

La Fête du Court Métrage (France)

Festival Ciné Poème (France)

Through My Eyes film festival (US)

the Nancy International Film Festival (France)

Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca (Spain)

Catholic film festival (South Korea)

Bogotá Music Video Festival (Colombia)

La Guarimba (Italy)

Plein la Bobine film festival (France) 

Corti da Sogni International Short Film Festival (Italy)


ANIMA(Córdoba International Animation Festival) (Argentina) 

Busan International Short Film Festival(BISFF) (South Korea)

Dancing in the rain (2016) 2D digital drawing / 1min 38sec  

Two rabbits dancing in the rain.



Web animation challenge special prize



Indie-Anifest (South Korea)

Ba-Lam (2015) 2D digital drawing / 8min 34sec  

A butterfly accidently born in a bottle.
The butterfly wants to follow her instincts and fly towards flowers.
Nevertheless, the moment she leaves the bottle, a crisis comes.



HONORABLE MENTION, Festival Video Babel (Peru)



SICAF(Seoul International Cartoon Animation Festival) (South Korea)

Indie-Anifest (South Korea)

Festival du Film Coréen à Paris (France)

You were so precious (2013) 2D digital drawing / 20min

Here is a world that welcomes the souls of forgotten objects. What story do they have? 



Pitch & Catch, International Women's Film Festival in Seoul(IWFFIS) (South Korea)

Green AWARD, Indie-AniFest in Seoul (South Korea) 



Trois Jours Trop Courts in Castres (France)

Forum des Images in Paris (France) 

BUtiful Young International Film Festival (UK)

Up-and-coming Film Festival in Hannover (Germany) 

AlcineShortLatino Film Market in Madrid (Spain) 

Buchon International Animation Festival (South Korea) 

Golden Orchid International Animation Festival (USA) 

International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision" (Russia) 

Film Festival on gender equality "Women on stage" in Malaga (Spain) 

CINEMED International Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier (France) 

Hermosillo’s International Film Festival in Sonora (Mexico)

KDIAF Kuandu International Animation Festival (Taïwan) 

Sedicicorto International Film Festival in Forli (Italy) 

Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival (Brazil) 

Animated Eden in Penrith (UK)

Un oiseau qui aime une fleur (2011) 2D hand drawing / 2min 47sec

A story of a bird who loved flowers



Indie-Anifest (South Korea)

Cine Jeune (France)

Court mais Bon (France) 

Festival National du Film d'animation(AFCA) (France)

Festival L'oiseau et la Nature (France)

The whale (2009) 2D hand drawing / 8min

A dream from a girl



Jeune talent numerique 2009, SCAM(Société Civile Des Auteurs Multimédias) (France)



Premiers Plans d'Angers (France)

PISAF (South Korea)

Indie Ani-fest (South Korea)

Festival Temps d'Image (France) 

Festival National du Film d'animation(AFCA) (France) 

Festival du Film court de Villeurbanne (France)

Trick film (German)

On edge (2007) 2D hand drawing / 2min 35sec

A story about the desire to turn over with no reason

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잠 못 드는 너에게 (2019) 웅진 주니어  ISBN 9788901236698 (8901236699)

A book for both children and adults based on the original film, 'Where is my moon?'

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2011. Group exhibition. [향기로 말하다] Seoul. South Korea


2012. Group exhibition. [La maison des auteurs artists exhibition] France

2013. Group exhibition. [La maison des auteurs artists exhibition] France

2014. Solo exhibition. [나비, 운명을 거슬러 꽃을 좇다] Seoul, South Korea

2017. Solo exhibition. [당신-바람] Busan. South Korea

2017. Group exhibition. [Seoul Illust Fair] Seoul. South Korea

2018. Group exhibition. [La maison des auteurs artists exhibition] France

2018. Group exhibition. [Cinema code] Busan. South Korea

2019. Group Exhibition. [Expanded Animation] Viborg, Denmark.

2020. Solo exhibition. [Où est-la Lune?] Paris. France

2021. Group exhibition. [Seoullo media canvas exhibition] Seoul. South Korea

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2006. Daegu Univ., Korea National Univ. of Education UI character design

2006-2007. Rotoscoping film [그녀는 예뻤다] rotoscoping part step

2011. 예술의전당 <안녕하세요 조선 천재화가님!>전 <선비의 네친구 문방사우> 기획

2014. VNAK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) 직지심체요절 홍보 Webtoon

2016-2017. Special education content (Animation), Paradise Welfare Foundation 


2017. Seoul International Women's Film Festival trailer


2019. Special education content (Animation), Yongin city Giheung welfare center for the disabled


2019. Gangneung International Film Festival trailer


2020. Netflix Love alarm 2, animation


2020-. Instagram Cartoon. [개큰개 파이]      

Anchor 4


2013. Interview. 애니메이툰 잡지 

2017. Television program. SBS. 애니갤러리 423회.  

2018. Interview. 인디포스트. 


2019. Interview. 아이러프 캐릭터.  

2019. Television program. SBS. 애니갤러리 525회.  

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2015. Award. Brunch book project. <너무 소중했던, 당신> 작업기. Silver Prize

2016. Award. Naver web animation challenge. 3rd prize

2018. Seminar. [그림이 움직이는 세계, 드로잉 애니메이션] Konkuk Univ. Glocal Campus. South Korea 

2019. Seminar. [Artistic expression of Animation] Istanbul Technical Univ. Turkey 

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